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02 Settembre 2005

Where’s the help?

Sul sito della CNN ho appena letto un’intervista a Ray Nagin, sindaco di New Orleans. Letto e ascoltato. E’ incazzato, disperato, inerme. E le lacrime alla fine la dicono lunga su cosa sta succedendo da quelle parti.

“Don’t tell me 40,000 people are coming here. They’re not here. It’s too doggone late. Now get off your asses and do something, and let’s fix the biggest goddamn crisis in the history of this country.”

“But we authorized $8 billion to go to Iraq lickety-quick. After 9/11, we gave the president unprecedented powers lickety-quick to take care of New York and other places.
Now, you mean to tell me that a place where most of your oil is coming through, a place that is so unique when you mention New Orleans anywhere around the world, everybody’s eyes light up — you mean to tell me that a place where you probably have thousands of people that have died and thousands more that are dying every day, that we can’t figure out a way to authorize the resources that we need? Come on, man.
You know, I’m not one of those drug addicts. I am thinking very clearly.
And I don’t know whose problem it is. I don’t know whether it’s the governor’s problem. I don’t know whether it’s the president’s problem, but somebody needs to get their ass on a plane and sit down, the two of them, and figure this out right now. “